AV-1011®, a product of Arkion Life Sciences LLC, when applied to rice seed prior to planting AV-1011° is scientifically designed to deter birds from eating rice seed before and during emergence. Birds that ingest AV-1011® treated seeds experience immediate but harmless digestive distress. After sampling the treated seed, birds avoid it and look for other food sources.  Bird flocks communicate the presence of the repellent so that only some of the birds sample the field before the flock moves on to other locations.

Applying AV-1011® eliminates the need for growers to try to physically deter birds through visual or audible scare tactics which have proven to be ineffective.  Anthraquinone (AQ), the active ingredient in AV-1011°, a naturally occurring substance, is nontoxic, nonsystemic and is effective through plant emergence which eliminates the need for replanting lost acres due to bird predation of planted rice seed.


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